High Frequency Pulsator POWER SWING MOT with a nominal load of

F = 100 kN
 Dynamic load = ±50kN, Static load = ±100kN

Mechanical set-up, inclusive the load frame with the vibration system, force transducer, etc.

Control-unit EXCITING MOT drive system for the resonance testing system

Software package EMOTION II with WINDOWS 7 ultimate, standard version in English language

22" TFT-Monitor

19"- Control unit with digital carriage free pre-amplifiers

Design table made out of CORIAN material

Documentation package: print function, 2 standard protocols, colour inkjet printer, standard ASCII export function for protocols

Graphic tool: Oscilloscope function, formulas, signals, run-up graph, multimeter with min/max function

UPS System: Uninterruptible Power Supply (approx. 5 min. PC working time which allows a controlled shut-down of the system after a power failure)

POWER SWING MOT ,标称载荷100kN、250KN、300KN可选



用于实现共振测试的控制机柜单元EXCITING MOT


22" TFT 液晶显示器




 图形工具: 示波器功能、加载信号图形、试验启动过程图形化展示
A.  High Frequency Pulsator POWER SWING MOT动态疲劳试验机技术资料由济南一诺专业技术工程师为您提供

The resonance-testing-machine POWER SWING is a universal testing-system with an unbalanced mass exciting system. The system provides fatigue testing capabilities for axial, bending and torsion load. The vibration system is designed as a three-mass-system. In order to vary the testing frequency additional masses are available. The dynamic drive is done by an unbalanced mass drive which drives the flexible SPRING ACTION system. The controlled static load is introduced by a gear motor which drives a ball screw spindle. The static drive unit is mounted beneath the mounting table and offers adjustable limit switches. In the set up mode the static drive unit can be operated with a manual control. The force value can be displayed on the display of the control unit. The test system can be used force, displacement or strain controlled.

The testing machine will be delivered with a flange-type load cell as standard. Additional transducers (displacement, strain) are available.

POWER SWING MOT疲劳试验机是通用的试验系统,由不平衡电机提供激励驱动。疲劳试验机可进行轴向、弯曲和扭转载荷的疲劳试验(需配合夹具)。共振系统在3组质量体系的基础上设计而成。动态载荷由不平衡电机加载,静态载荷由齿轮/链条变速电机加载。


The design of our high frequency pulsator series POWER SWING contains some innovations, described in the following:


Test area and mounting table enlarged about 1.5 times


Huge testing strokes up to 8/10 mm

Frequency range 30…115 Hz, changing of the frequency range is possible


Modern and ergonomic design

High optimum ergonomic

Digital controller with real-time processing

Usage of carrier-frequency measuring amplifier

Unsensitive to lateral forces, that means the POWER SWING is the worldwide unique Component resonance testing machine, which is also usable for asymmetrical gripping devices

Improved acoustic qualities, by build-in the swinging head into the system table and using sound insulation

Durable, fatigue strength proof and maintenance free dynamic excitation system with unbalanced motor drive

Extremely high accuracies

High control accuracy, due to optimized control routines

very accurate controlling of the static drive, due to servo drive

New extensive software – Modules for almost all applications

LCF tests

Classification according the Rainflow method

RANTEC-Technology, service load test simulation

Evaluation software LabMOTION for statistical analysis like s/n curves (Wöhler-curves) and stair case step tests

对于, 系统提供位移、频率偏差检测功能。在测试中,一旦试件萌生初始裂纹,共振频率会发生偏移,一旦到达设定的频率偏移值,会自动停机,同时可从监视器上实时检测曲线可以观察到频率和载荷的变化。之后,通过探伤剂对试件探伤,很容易找到裂纹萌生位置和长度

Different layouts for test protocols available

Hierarchical operator management (definition of different usage rights, for example calibration function)

Digital working hour meter (free configurable with intervals, alerts for calibration, reset able)

Very easy and intuitive operation of the system

Extremely low testing costs (less than 1% compared to servohydraulic testing machines) 由于试件产生裂纹导致刚度下降进而引起共振频率下降,据此控制系统可设置自动停机,如:共振频率下降1Hz,系统判定为试件失效。这样,一批试件的失效标准将统一,对均值寿命、标准差的估计更为准确。设备有安全停机和紧急停机保护功能,并在停机后加载系统自动卸载的功能

Automatically crack recognition, due to frequency drop method (resonance principle)设备不要求很大的场地,特殊设计的地基,运行中噪声也很小,因此,便用方便,搬运容易、对环境污染小。设备可连续工作。





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